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Macy Nicole Music

Growing up I loved to make up songs and write poems for my friends and teachers. Through my adulthood I discovered that there’s so much beauty in songwriting. I believe songwriting is a seventh sense. Not only can i express the way i feel, but the way those feelings sound, smell, what they look like and when it all comes together the listener can feel that too.
My music is a direct window into my memories and emotions, which is why my first EP is titled ‘Hope and Heartbreak’. It’s a collection of the first songs I ever wrote, and my most recent. When it comes out, I hope y’all feel it as much as I do.
I’ve always wanted to do everything myself, so a lot of what I do is self taught. For instance, if you’re ever listening to a single of mine and you see (kitchen table demo) in the title, that means I actually recorded it at my kitchen table!
To explain my passions simply I’ll say this; “I dont know what I’m doing all the time, but i do know I’m always doing my best at what really makes me happy, and that’s good enough for me.”
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Hope and Heartbreak EP Out Now!

Out now on all platforms! I’ve been working closely with my producer and friend, Ben Miller, on my first ever EP titled ‘Hope and Heartbreak’. It is an acoustic collection of my first songs ever written, and the most recently completed. In these songs I’ve written about the struggles of becoming a mother so young, following my dreams, and learning to love myself through heartbreak.